Register as a ZKsync delegate at

Starting next week, any person or organization may act as a ZKsync delegate, even if they do not own ZKsync protocol tokens. They only need an EVM-compatible wallet to receive delegated voting power from token holders.

Although any Ethereum wallet address can be delegated ZKsync voting power, delegates can also choose to become a registered delegate today by creating a profile on the ZKsync Governance Portal.

What is a delegate?

Delegates are the voters representing ZKsync's Token Assembly, which is the heart of the governance system. They serve as representatives of token holders who trust them to vote on their behalf. Of course, token holders can also choose to be their own delegate, vote directly, and update who they delegate to anytime.

Become a ZKsync Registered Delegate at

All delegates are responsible for voting on ZKsync governance proposals on behalf of token holders. The voice of a delegate is directly proportional to the number of tokens delegated to that delegate—one token equals one vote.

Why register as a delegate?

Registration allows delegates to publicly declare their interest in actively participating in ZKsync governance and be more easily discoverable by token holders. Token holders can browse the profiles of registered delegates on the ZKsync Governance Portal and delegate to those who align with their values and interests. 

Delegates who create a profile before Saturday June 15th at 11:59pm UTC will be eligible for consideration to be included in the ZK token claim flow. Those who have already created a profile on the Governance Portal, are encouraged to connect with potential token holders on social media and ask for their delegation.

Registration is not necessary for token holders who wish to self-delegate their voting interests. Token holders are not awarded extra tokens for acting as a delegate or registering as a delegate.

Want to learn more? 

Read more about delegate registration at and follow @thezknation for the latest updates.