The Community-Driven Future of ZKsync

Welcome to ZK Nation, a community driven by a shared purpose to govern, defend, and grow the ZKsync protocol. ZK Nation brings the world closer to realizing the vision of the ZK Credo, uniting individuals, organizations, and technologies to advance freedom and accelerate intentional innovation.

It’s been a long road, one that protocol users and platform advocates have been eagerly awaiting. Today marks a significant step forward in the journey to empower ZK Nation and nurture a decentralized future.

Furthering Freedom

History shows us how technology can expand personal freedoms, driving progress and prosperity. Just as the printing press revolutionized the spread of ideas and the early internet connected minds across the globe, breakthroughs in technology give us the tools to freely communicate, transact, and propel economic and societal advancement around the world. 

Cryptography and blockchains are redefining our collective future once more. ZKsync is poised to power this new wave of progress through zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs that enable an ever expanding verifiable blockchain network, bringing digital sovereignty to billions with a protocol built on a foundation of integrity and security.

Since the launch of ZKsync Era on mainnet in March 2023, ZKsync has proven its ability to scale Ethereum with high throughput, low fees, and the ability to support interoperable ZK Chains as an elastic blockchain network. In a little over a year, users on the ZKsync protocol have created more than 6 million total wallet addresses. And the protocol has already validated more than 350 million transactions while having consistently low fees among L2s.*

To bring Ethereum to the masses and shape the future of the internet, ZKsync must maintain strong social and technical decentralization guarantees. To remain resilient in the journey ahead, ZKsync depends on a vibrant community empowered to drive meaningful change through protocol governance.

The ZKsync protocol token, through ZK Nation's onchain governance framework, is designed to empower token holders to delegate, propose protocol upgrades, deliberate, and vote.

Three-Body Governance

ZKsync will implement a governance system that empowers ZK Nation to drive the continuous development of the ZKsync protocol. Protocol token holders will be able to introduce proposals and vote on protocol upgrades and network parameter changes.

The ZKsync governance system is made up of three onchain bodies: the Token Assembly, Security Council, and Guardians, which will sit within different legal structures ensuring maximum protection for the Token Assembly. Together they will interact with ZKsync’s smart contracts and coordination channels such as ZKsync’s initial delegation and voting portal on Tally.

ZKsync Token Assembly

The Token Assembly includes token holders who delegate their voting power and are represented by the delegates who receive this voting power. A token holder can also choose to be their own delegate and vote directly. The Token Assembly proposes, deliberates and ratifies initiatives that govern the ZKsync protocol, token and governance systems, fostering a collaborative decision-making process.

ZKsync Guardians

The Guardians act as protectors of the ZK Credo’s values by exercising their veto and/or approving emergency actions related to the ZKsync network. At inception, there will be a minimum of five individuals participating as ZKsync Guardians. Details on the Guardians will be shared shortly.

ZKsync Security Council

The Security Council is a group of highly technical and skilled engineers, auditors, and cybersecurity professionals that safeguard the ZKsync protocol and network technical security. They provide technical reviews for protocol upgrades approved by the Token Assembly.

The Security Council has the power to freeze the ZKsync protocol, or part thereof, in response to imminent or active security threats, such as critical bugs or exploits for various periods of time, and submit necessary time-sensitive protocol upgrades. At inception, it will consist of 12 leading technical expert members from around the world.

Power in Numbers

More details will be unveiled this week about the ZKsync protocol delegation process, ZKsync’s protocol token allocation, and how you can actively contribute to the evolution of ZKsync. In the coming weeks, expect further information on ZK Nation’s governance structure. Whether you are a developer, an innovator, or simply an advocate for freedom, there is a place for you in this community.

The future of the internet depends on our collective action. By uniting to deeply embed a commitment to freedom, ZK Nation can preserve the integrity of ZKsync and its ecosystem for the long term. 

The road ahead is long, but together we will shape it—guided by the ZK Credo and powered by ZK magic. 


Disclaimer: The information in this blog is intended to be used for educational purposes only. Please note that the information provided does not constitute legal advice. If required by law, the above structure might be amended prior to implementation.